There’s no substitute for hands-on practice and the wisdom gained by interaction with instructors who have valuable experience and advice! Most class participants find that attending a childbirth preparation class helps to reduce their fears and concerns as they learn more about what to expect, and thus have less fear and tension.

Prepared Birth 101

This class is a one day, 6-hour intensive class that prepares participants for what to expect during labor, birth, and immediately postpartum. Cost: $175. For more info, contact Erin.

Coping with Confidence

This is a 2 hour class focused specifically on learning coping mechanisms to comfort a mother in labor. Cost: $50. For more info, contact Erin.

Positive & Prepared

This 2-day weekend childbirth class is designed to give expectant couples the confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary for a safe and satisfying family-centered birth experience. The class offers birth education as well and hands-on practice of relaxation, breathing, and coping techniques for labor and birth. Partners will learn how to best comfort and support a laboring woman and moms will learn to utilize their own unique coping skills. Cost: $160. For more info, contact Jessica.

Calm & Confident

This class meets for 2 hours on Thursday evenings over the course of six weeks. It is a prenatal childbirth preparation series focusing on natural, family-centered birth and parenting preparation. During this hands-on class a range of topics will be explored and practiced. The classes stress partner involvement, birth as a natural process, knowledge of options, balancing choices, pain management, and finding the balance of family life. Cost: $260. For more info, contact Jessica.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

This is a 3 hour class focused on how Young Living essential oils can support a mother through her journey into motherhood. Participants will learn about the science behind EOs, which oils can address various pregnancy and postpartum discomforts, and how oils can help a mother have the birthing experience she desires. You will also leave with 3 make-n-takes for use during pregnancy, birth, & postpartum! Class fee covers materials. Cost: $95. For more information, contact Laura.

Dancing for Birth

Dancing For Birth ™ prenatal/postpartum dance classes offer a fun and relaxing atmosphere for you to prepare for and celebrate your birth. Classes are designed to increase your comfort and confidence and gain childbirth preparation skills, such as pain coping techniques. By practicing traditional moves from various cultures, you will increase awareness of the baby/body connection, and will feel more at ease as pregnancy and then as labor progresses. Dancing aids in the flexibility of the pelvis and encourages your baby to move into optimum alignment for labor and birth. No experience necessary! Mothers are welcome throughout pregnancy and postpartum with your baby. Wear baby in a wrap or sling. Cost: $15/class. For more information, contact Erin.