Birth Doula Support:

“I don’t even know where to begin to describe the blessing Laura was to me and my husband during the birth of our daughter. I knew very little about doulas and the help and support they provide for laboring women. My experience would’ve been so different without her support and expertise. While laboring, Laura knew exactly what to do to help me move through each contraction with peace of mind and encouragement. I truly felt she believed in me to make it through the process of labor and bring my sweet baby girl into the world. I found one of Laura’s greatest strengths as a doula to be her gentle, calming tone and encouragement while I  journeyed through each contraction. She never once seemed tired or worn out from my screaming and discomfort. She was completely invested the entire time, despite her lack of sleep the night prior. Laura’s words of encouragement and techniques provided me with so much confidence and support. I can’t even imagine what my birthing experience would’ve been like without her. She was a tremendous blessing for our family during this beautiful experience! Thanks to Laura and this positive laboring experience, I am excited for my next birth, which speaks volumes given that giving birth was my greatest fear in life!” – Rachel P.

“I ended up having a very, very long labor, and Erin was our rock during the entire, lengthy process. Having a doula at the birth was an absolute must. My husband was simply amazing during the birth process, but I know that we wouldn’t have made it 100% drug-free if it wouldn’t have been for Erin. Her support, knowledge and calm attitude were simply incredible, and I will definitely never deliver another baby without a doula.”  – M. Bergeron

“Amy Troia was my doula at my first birth. I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth and she she was there to help. She talked my husband and I through the stages of labor beforehand and we talked about pain management techniques. It was so helpful to me to have another woman help explain things in a way my husband would understand, and to process with out loud. She was there with me during pre-labor, and was an indispensable help in keeping me calm through back labor. Her presence at the hospital was an incredible help, and I don’t want to imagine what I would have felt like without having her and my husband there! I am not a very calm person and having her stalwart, calm presence made a huge difference for me. Our methods for helping the baby turn may not have worked, but I was still able to have my fully unmedicated and natural birth with no real complications. Overall it was such a positive experience for me.” -Anna H.

Birth Photography:

“Oh Angelle!!!! They’re amazing… Even more perfect than I imagined. You captured so much love and emotion that I’m sitting here holding my baby and I’M crying like a baby!! You are the best!! Thank you so much for documenting such a special day for us. We love you and your work! Can’t wait to share everything with our family and friends!”

Postpartum Doula Support:

“Nine weeks ago when I first met Erin, I didn’t believe (truly) that I would ever get to my baby being twelve weeks. Our day to day was so overwhelming it felt like time was standing still. I don’t think I would have made it through such a truly difficult time without your help. You were such a source of comfort, calm and kindness and helped me develop hope and confidence in being a mom and gave me support I needed to start feeling like myself again. What you do for women is invaluable.” – E.W.

Childbirth Education:

“Jessica, I just wanted to tell you what a success your class was for my husband and me.  Thank you for preparing me, but especially my husband, for this experience. To us, this whole thing went pretty darn well.  We had confidence that everything that was happening was normal and part of the process and were able to welcome our baby with clear (although shocked!) bodies and minds. Many many thanks.  We have and will continue to refer your classes and services to everyone we know!” – Amanda & Nathan L.

“My husband and I found Jessica’s class integral to our preparation for the birth of our son. Not only did we feel prepared for the birth regarding pain management strategies, we also had an idea of what to expect the first few weeks following. Because of this class we went to the hospital empowered and educated about our preferences.” – Margaret

Dancing for Birth:

“I have to say that coming to the Dancing for Birth class was meant to be. I met a great group who got me through pregnancy’s emotional struggles, I learned about doulas who got me through the birth, and you ladies are still helping me now. I believe God sent me to you. You are doing a fabulous service and truly making a substantial difference in women’s lives. You make things easier and I always feel better as a result.  Erin, your class is so much more than exercise. Thank you and look forward to our reunion!” – Laurie

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